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Jennifer Millard working on a painting in her studio
"If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint." - Edward Hopper.

Finding the right words to express ourselves doesn't always come easy. Sometimes it is easier to tell a story with art.


I hope my art allows the viewer an opportunity to escape to another place and time. Small moments of slipping away into a scene can be a refuge from our everyday activities. Art provides us escape!

About My Process

Growing up in a nomadic family, I never thought twice about moving. I have lived in Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

I love learning about the physical, cultural, historical and spiritual landscapes of all the places I have lived and visited. I try to capture the essence of the land, water, trees, plants and special places in my plein air paintings and in my surface pattern designs.


Chalk pastels offer a fleeting organic feel of nature. They appear to be ready to disintegrate and fall apart, yet they stay strong in color and form.


Sometimes a scene translates better in watercolor or oil pastel, depending on the temperature outside or subject.

The differing terrains, flora and fauna across the United States may sneak into my illustrations and patterns, so keep an eye open for regional feels, native plants and local animals! 

Jennifer Millard painting "en plein air"
Plein Air Painting

Much of my art consist of outdoor paintings in chalk pastel, oil pastel or watercolor. 

Watercolor is so easy to travel with! It's the best for short sessions outdoors and easy to toss in my purse or backpack and run out the door.

Chalk pastels are MUCH messier and take more careful packing/unpacking. But they can be very fun to "sketch" a painting with!

I love to visit historical locales in good weather. I walk around the area, reading about the history behind the landscapes and region.

I try to work in places that 
offer an interesting view of several layers of flora and landscape and gives me a variety of subject matter to chose from.

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